2018 International Conference on Advanced Civil Engineering and Transportation

April 15-16, 2018 in Shanghai, China

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit full papers in English. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Topic 1: Civil and Structural Engineering

Building Structure, Technology and Bridge Engineering
Cartography and Geographic Information System
Coastal Engineering;Computational Mechanics
Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE
Concrete Structures
Construction and Control
Detection and Transformation
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Environment-Friendly Construction and Development
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Harbor Engineering;
Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works
Hydraulic Engineering
Material Quality and Control
Metallic Structures
Monitoring and Control Of Structures
Operation and Maintenance;Project Management
Reliability and Durability of Structures
Road, Bridge and Railway Engineering
Safety and Monitoring
Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering
Seismic Engineering
Structural Analysis and Design
Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction
Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening
Surveying and Geo-informatics
Surveying and Photogrammetry
Surveying Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities
Urban Planning;Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Topic 2: Architecture and Urban Planning

Architectural Design and Theories
Advanced Construction Materials
Aesthetics and Landscape
Architectural Design and Its Theory
Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering
Architecture and Building Materials
Art Design and Landscape Architecture
Building Energy Saving Technology
Building Technology Science
Construction and Renewable Energy Sources
Ecological Architecture
Ecological Construction and Intelligent Control
Energy Conservation and Equipment
Green Building Materials
History and Theories of Architecture
Landscape Planning and Design
Traditional Construction Materials
Urban Planning and Design

Topic 3: Environmental Engineering

Environmental Science and Health
Environment and Social Development
Environment and Economic Restructuring
Environment and Pollution Cost
Environmental Clean Technology
Environment and Climate Change
Water supply and Sewage Processing
Green Construction & Environmental Protection

Topic 4: Transportation Engineering

Transportation planning and system optimization
ITS theory and applications
Traffic control and information technology
Transportation and socioeconomic development
Transportation security
Air, Marine, Metropolitan, Freight Transportation
Emergency Response Systems and Technologies
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Energy Saving and Alternative Energy
Automotive Exhaust Treatment
Transportation Infrastructure (Pavement, Bridge)
Highway Maintenance and Management
Transportation Management, Economics and Policy
Vehicle Operations
Security and Monitoring Systems
Transportation Networks
Advanced Public Transportation Management
Ports, Waterways, Inland navigation, and Vessel Traffic Management
Modeling, Simulation, and Detection of Vulnerable Road Users and Animals
Air, Road, and Rail Traffic Management
Artificial Transportation Systems
Transportation Electrification
Emissions, Noise, Environment
Management of Exceptional Events: Incidents and Evacuation
Security and Safety Systems
Acquisition, Processing and Publishing of Traffic Information
Traffic Guidance and Forecast
Urban Traffic Control and Congestion Pricing
Vehicle Safety and Emissions
Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Modeling and Simulation of Transportation System
Automatic Incident Detection and Emergency Response
Three-dimensional Transportation System
Intelligent Transportation and Logistics

Important Dates

Submission Deadline
February 19, 2018
Notification of Acceptance
About one week after submission
Authors' Registration
February 12, 2018
Conference Date
April 15-16, 2018

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